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  • ‘Bahrain Showroom Now Open!’

    Al Halabi is delighted to announce that our new redesigned Bahrain showroom is now officially open. Located in the Tubli area, this extraordinary new space showcases top-notch creativity, a diverse product portfolio, and a level of customer service that has set a new benchmark for the industry.

    “It takes time to decide upon new concepts, products and materials,” says Business Development Manager Bilal Al Halabi. “But it doesn’t have to be agonising. The first thing we tell our clients is that their project will be enjoyable!” And this philosophy shows through in the new space, which has on display a number of unique kitchen concepts and styles – from Arabic through to American, even a central kitchen - as well as a wide range of coffee shop and self-service counters, a bakery section, plus a broad selection of smaller items such as mixers and grills. “Due to the high-quality nature of our products, we always find it beneficial for our customers to be able to look at and handle them, and it is great to now have a state-of-the-art forum to showcase them in Bahrain,” Bilal explains.

    During the refurbishment, much consideration was given to several design elements, including colour, lighting and layout, and the end result is both remarkable and inspirational. “When people visit the showroom they tell me they’ve never seen anything like it before,” Bilal says. “A showroom is an instrument that allows you to show potential customers what you can do, and we have provided them with a one-of-a-kind experience that is simply unique in Bahrain.”

    Spread out over two spacious floors, encompassing a total area of 350m2, the new showroom design provides almost every product and piece of equipment you will ever need to get the job done. And Al Halabi’s highly trained team will be delighted to show you around and explain more about the vast array of concepts and options on offer, so don't hesitate to pay a visit. You’ll be made very welcome.

    · By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment