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  • ‘15 Reasons You Should Choose Al Halabi’

    Our goal is for you to become an Al Halabi customer for life by providing you with the most stress-free and straightforward purchasing, installation, servicing and ownership experience possible. However, we realise that there are many commercial kitchen companies to choose from, so we’ve summarised what we believe are the most important reasons to choose Al Halabi.

    1. We have been active in the UAE for 40 years, with our owners having experience in manufacturing commercial kitchen equipment for even longer, since 1950. As a result, Al Halabi has become a byword for quality workmanship and fast, friendly customer service.
    2. Al Halabi is the leading kitchen equipment manufacturer, with one of the biggest manufacturing facilities, in the entire MENA region.
    3. The quality of the products manufactured by Al Halabi’s highly experienced teams is universally recognised to be unrivalled in terms of reliability, durability and finish.
    4. We provide TOTAL kitchen solutions, from design and manufacturing through to delivery, installation and maintenance.
    5. There are more than 350 skilled and motivated employees at Al Halabi, all dedicated to delivering high quality kitchens.
    6. Al Halabi has experience in furnishing a broad range of kitchens, including restaurants, coffee shops, cafeterias, bakeries, hotels, catering and villas.
    7. We offer a combination of customised and standard products, allowing us to facilitate any kitchen design, no matter how complex.
    8. Recognised international standards are utilised in all Al Halabi kitchen layouts and products.
    9. Al Halabi operates 20 production lines and offers in excess of 5000 models, using high quality stainless steel grades 304 and 316.
    10. We also import an extensive portfolio of superior quality kitchen equipment, consisting of world-class brands from Italy, France, Spain, and the USA.
    11. There are eight Al Halabi showrooms across the UAE, Oman and Bahrain, with each one having a unique display of kitchens that will impress and inspire any visitor.
    12. Al Halabi delivers more than 1000 projects every single year, and has a database of over 25,000 customers from all around the world.
    13. We are ISO 9001`:2008 certified.
    14. Al Halabi holds a Guinness World Record for producing the biggest shawarma machine in the world, manufactured in the year 2000.
    15. Our portfolio of products is wide and far-reaching, giving us the ability to deliver solutions no matter how big or challenging the job. We offer preparation tables, sinks, bain maries, salad bars, grillers, chillers, and freezers, cold rooms, ovens, food processors, snack machines, ice makers, dishwashers, meat mincers and slicers, juice blenders and dispensers, and much, much more besides.

    At Al Halabi, we set high standards, single-mindedly pursue client goals, and possess an unrivalled in-depth knowledge of the commercial kitchen industry.

    · By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment