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  • Kitchen Equipment to Serve 7 Billion People!

    In a world crammed with excellent Indian eateries, Bombay Chowpatty stands out as a great place to satiate those cravings for real Indian food and drink, from papri chaat through to specialities such as masala dosa and chole bhature. In fact, so popular has it become that, opening its first outlet in Lamcy Plaza, Dubai, in 1997, Bombay Chowpatty now has 31 branches – 21 in the UAE and 10 overseas.

    A convenient place for a quick bite or a more substantial meal, Bombay Chowpatty has a food court concept with contemporary decor and bright, energetic and super-friendly staff. What’s more, it has created a menu that will suit every appetite at any time of day. And whatever you fancy, all food is prepared to order and makes the most of the very best quality ingredients.

    “It is Indian fast food,” explains founder Mr. Ajay. “So we offer everything all under one roof, from snack to full meals. All of our chefs are passionate about serving up authentic and delicious Indian dishes, and that includes our range of beverages such as fragrant masala tea, served in an earthen pot, and fresh sugarcane juice.”

    Mr. Ajay also acknowledges another aspect of the business’s success – Al Halabi. “We always use Al Halabi, without fail,” he says. “From design through to the installation of kitchen equipment and onto after sales service they just can’t be beaten. We have no intention of looking anywhere else; Al Halabi has proven to be an excellent company to partner with.”

    Bombay Chowpatty is a wonderful place to visit with friends or family, its casual ambience and laid-back environment adding to the enjoyment of a broad range of tasty, aromatic and colourful dishes.

    And if you’re wondering about the name, Bombay Chowpatty is a famous beach in Mumbai – the place to go if you want to taste different Indian delicacies all in one place. Exactly the same, in fact, as the 31 Bombay Chowpatty fast food outlets!

    It’s fascinating how one country can create and produce such a range of amazing dishes ... then pass them on to over seven billion people around the world. Bombay Chowpatty is doing its level best to ensure it serves as many of those people as possible too; in 2015 alone, five new outlets are already planned, four in the UAE and one in Oman. This is some of the finest food from possibly the finest cuisine in the world – try it!

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    · By Bilal Al Halabi, Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment