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  • ‘Santos.. Keeping Cool with French Ingenuity’

    With this summer's sweltering heat and the popularity of long, cool drinks, freezing cold ice cream and frozen yogurt, there is plenty of work to be done ‘behind the scenes’ to ensure that these products and more are available to the public.

    Al-Halabi and the French company Santos, for instance, work hand-in-hand to provide discerning customers throughout the region with high quality catering projects that help to keep consumers feeling cool and refreshed.

    Santos is renowned for its high quality motors in a range of kitchen products that include juice extractors, cold drink dispensers and ice cube crushers. The company export to over 100 countries around the world and have been working with Al-Halabi for over 20 years, initially in Dubai, but more recently all around the region.

    Al-Halabi’s pioneering spirit has, of course, seen it take on projects in a growing number of markets, including many nations throughout Africa and neighbouring countries such as Qatar and Oman; and where Al-Halabi has gone Santos has gone too, with its food preparation, fresh drinks and coffee machines perfectly complementing Al-Halabi’s innovative kitchen installations.

    Aurelien Fouquet, Santos’ Marketing and Sales Director, has enjoyed the close ties between the two companies. “Working with Al-Halabi always feels natural and very easy. They are one of our main importers and I always appreciate the personal touch they bring to their projects. They have a close relationship with everyone in the business network and they have a great reputation in the world of catering. I have had the opportunity to visit some of their key customers to discuss their after-sales service, and everyone speaks appreciatively about their professionalism and reliability. Al-Halabi is one of the pre-eminent companies in their field and I am proud and honoured that they value our kitchen machines so highly.”

    And in the scorching summer of 2013, this is definitely proving to be a winning combination – Al-Halabi creates imaginative, superbly designed kitchens and Santos’ products of distinction sit perfectly on the ‘shelves’! Two companies from different backgrounds and countries speaking the same language – the desire to bring a mark of excellence to everything they do. How refreshing!

    For Santos Products Inquiries please visit our website

    · By Bilal Al Halabi

    · Published: Monday, August 19 – 2013 at 07:00