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  • ‘The Frozen Yogurt Factory.. The Cold, Refreshing Taste of Summer!’

    Just three and a half years after opening its first outlet in The Dubai Mall, the Frozen Yogurt Factory has over 15 stores throughout the Gulf region: it’s been a constant and smooth growth path for the company … or at least it has been since they were introduced to the team at Al-Halabi.

    The Frozen Yogurt Factory’s founder Mr. Fadi Younes explains: “Opening our first store was a great success. However, we faced some major issues with our chillers and refrigerators. We got in with an equipment company that came nowhere near our expectations. Luckily, later that year, we found Al-Halabi and haven’t looked back since.”

    Frozen yogurt is, of course, the ideal food for the long, hot summer days, and the latest concept to take the market by storm, following hot on consumers’ love affair with coffee shops and sushi bars. There are several very good reasons for this. Yogurt is a nutritionally balanced superfood. It is naturally fat-free and full of probiotics, which are good for the immune system and digestion. Add to that a wide choice of healthy and delicious toppings and you have the perfect treat!

    “As treats go, it is guilt-free. If you sit down and eat a tub of ice cream, it’s easy to feel guilty because of all those calories. Frozen yogurt is an indulgence that people can enjoy without feeling they have to go on the treadmill or starve themselves for the rest of the day,” says Mr. Fadi.

    The Frozen Yogurt Factory uses only premium Italian ingredients, with Mr. Fadi commenting: “Premium quality is important to us right across-the-board, which is why we have built up such a good relationship with Al-Halabi. They offer quality products, a very friendly and efficient service, and they know a good tub of yogurt when they taste it too!”

    It may be swelteringly hot out there, but frozen yogurt provides a burst of flavour that not only keeps you cool, but give you a healthy glow too – feeling good has never been easier.

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    · By Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment

    · Published: Monday, August 19 – 2013 at 07:00