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  • ‘Good Kitchen Layout = Good Business’

    In May 2013, Dubai Municipality released a new ‘Food Code’ for the more than 13,000 food establishments in the emirate, including 3000 restaurants and 480 hotels. It is designed to assist the Person In-Charge at all kinds of eateries, allowing them to understand their obligations and carry out operations in a safe and hygienic manner. Bobby Krishna, Principal Food Studies and Surveys Officer for Dubai Municipality, explains: “It is vital that caterers read the Food Code and, at the same time, speak to a good consultant.”

    The Food Code reflects acceptable industry-agreed practice, and is structured to show mandatory requirements, strongly recommended procedures or control methods, and other guidance material. “It is there to encourage cafes, restaurants, hotels and all other caterers to work to the highest standards, including having a good layout in the kitchen, customised for their specific needs,” says Bobby Krishna.

    “If you don’t have a good layout and good equipment you lose space, lose power … and ultimately lose your business, that’s why we work with leading consultants,” adds Bobby Krishna.

    This underlines the fact that it is not simply a case of installing ovens, grills, fridges, chillers, work surfaces and other relevant equipment; because while cooking is an art, the layout of a good commercial kitchen is most definitely a science. But help is at hand. There is a tremendous amount of experience and expertise within Dubai, allowing you to install a kitchen that not only meets all regulatory requirements, but is also designed to fuel success and boost profits.. Don’t just take our word for it though, listen to Bobby Krishna: “Al Halabi adds value and promotes safety, hygiene and good working practices throughout Dubai.”

    To download your copy of Dubai Municipality Food & Safety Requirement, please follow the link

    · By Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment

    · Published: Monday, July 22 – 2013 at 13:00