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  • Arz Lebanon Restaurant ‘The Best Lebanese Food in Town!’

    Close your eyes as you savour the fabulous food and drink at Arz Lebanon, and you could think you’re in downtown Beirut ... but you’re not, you’re in the UAE, enjoying some of the finest Lebanese cuisine in the Middle East.

    Arz Lebanon now has more than 12 restaurants throughout the UAE, all offering typical Lebanese hospitality: it’s all there – the welcome, the decor, the food is excellent, the mezza delightful, the meats tasty and well grilled. Oh, and they are the best shawarmas in town! What’s more, this has been the case since Arz Lebanon first opened its doors for business in 1975; the very same year it began doing business with Al Halabi.

    “We’ve been dealing with Al Halabi since day one,” says Kamal Salam, the owner of the Arz Lebanon restaurant chain. “They are very good at what they do and have added considerable value to our business for almost 40 years.”

    Arz Lebanon prides itself on excellence in the preparation of food, presentation, and quality of service: everything is intensely fresh, beguilingly fragrant, and unbelievably flavoursome. Of course, to achieve such a consistently high standard over 38 years has meant investing in the very best kitchen equipment, from chillers and freezers through to ovens, grills, griddles and hobs. And Al Halabi has been its preferred contractor every single time, with Kamal Salam explaining: “Al Halabi has worked with us on all of our restaurants; not only Arz Lebanon, but other brands we own too, such as Zaytoni in Dubai Mall and Cake Bar. We are soon to launch Arz Express, and once again we will turn to Al Halabi for help with the kitchen layout and the acquisition, installation and maintenance of all of the kitchen equipment.”

    On the shores of the eastern Mediterranean and a gateway to the Middle East, Lebanon boasts a cuisine that has long been regarded as one of the most refined in the region, from a mezza of vegetarian dishes such as tabouleh, fattoush, and warak anab to delicious dips like hommos and moutabal and delights such as shish tawouk, lahm mishwe, and kafta. And thanks to Arz Lebanon you don’t have to travel all the way to Beirut’s famous Place de l'Etoile to enjoy it!

    For Catering order & Events :

    Phone: 050 906 5000

    · By Bilal Al Halabi, from Al Halabi Ref. & Kitchen Equipment

    · Published: Monday, July 22 – 2013 at 13:00