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  • Brema Ice Makers ‘Freezing Temperatures in the Gulf’

    An ice maker is a smart investment for any catering or retail operation; in fact, restaurants, cafes, hotels, supermarkets – they all need high quality ice making equipment, and nowhere more so than under the scorching sun of the Middle East. And that’s where Italian manufacturer Brema Ice Makers comes in, a company that has been supplying customers in the Gulf since the early 1990s.

    Alessandro Maroli, the Commercial Director of Brema Ice Makers, takes up the story: “Dubai, for instance, is the ‘centre of the world’ nowadays, a real hub for international business, so we are delighted that we now have over 5000 machines in the emirate; a level of success that has been boosted tremendously by our relationship with Al Halabi.

    “We have been doing business with Al Halabi since 1998. They were one of our first customers in the Middle East … and they’ve turned out to be the best. In fact, they are the best Middle Eastern company I’ve ever dealt with, run by a very good family, and very professional.”

    Al Halabi is a very big buyer of Fast-ice vertical systems from Brema Ice Makers which, being small and lightweight, are ideal for bars and fast-food outlets. Equipped with a vertical evaporator, the cubes fall off, perfectly separate from each other, one by one and of equal size. Fast-acting, the machine is double-mode (‘full’ and ‘economy’) for optimal consumption levels and energy saving efficiency.

    Indeed, the environment is very important to Brema Ice Makers, with Alessandro Maroli explaining: “We need to be conscious of the environmental challenges the planet faces at all times. Our brand new TM machines, for instance, are exceptional in this regard, particularly in relation to water usage, which is extremely important for the Gulf region.”

    The choice of ice making machines is extensive, utilising the best materials and the most advanced technologies, so whatever your needs you can rest assured that Brema Ice Makers has the perfect solution. So call Al Halabi today to arrange a demonstration. For as Alessandro Maroli says: “They’re such nice people to deal with!”

    For more information about Brema Ice Makers please visit