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  • Mareno ‘A New Perspective on Kitchens’

    Food, food, food! Italy's love for it is famous. From Emilia Romagna’s freshly made egg tortellini through to Puglia’s buckwheat spaghetti, there is no way of visiting Italy without immersing yourself in its food ... and the same is increasingly true of the Middle East, as Mareno Ali SpA’s Michele Romano explains: “We export to 80 companies around the world and the Middle East is now the fastest growing region for us – it accounts for 25% of our entire sales.”

    So how has a company that manufactures systems and equipment for professional kitchens in the Veneto region of Italy become so big in the Middle East? The answer is deceptively simple; it has established an extremely close working relationship with Al Halabi! “It is a fruitful, good relationship; we have been working with Al Halabi for 13 years, and they have been our sole distributor in the region for the past 10 years. There is no doubt that they have been instrumental in our success in the Gulf,” Michele Romano explains.

    The Mareno brand covers three preparation ranges, four cooking ranges, refrigeration, and washing and distribution lines. The company is also able to respond to a market where customised production alternates with, and increasingly replaces, standardised solutions. The choice is yours, from single items through to complete bespoke solutions.

    Causing particular excitement at the present time is the new Protagonista 70 range of gas and electric devices which, in terms of both the materials and components, are new to the market ... and up to 40% more powerful. 130 models, from cookers, fryers and grills through to induction units, pasta cookers and Bain Marie, are suited to both large commercial kitchens and smaller spaces, without compromising functionality and performance.

    Extremely popular due to their inch perfect design and quality, Mareno kitchen equipment combines aesthetic excellence with maximum practicality. A growing army of thriving catering businesses across the Middle East can’t be wrong!

    Visit to see the wide range of Mareno products that Al Halabi imports.