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  • ‘Why Caterers Trust Al Halabi’

    If you run a cafe or restaurant, you’ll know that catering is one of the most competitive industries in the world; doubly so in Dubai, where the big brands sit side-by-side with some of the finest independent outlets to be found on the planet. So how do you stay ahead of the game? The General Manager of “Good Company”, which boasts three of the UAE’s most popular catering concepts – The Orchestra, Cafe O, and Leil Nhar –, thinks he may have an answer.

    “We have eight outlets in total, and we are just about to open our ninth,” Mr. Kamil Tourkomany explains. “And whenever we launch a new site we work closely with Al Halabi in order to ensure that our kitchens are the best in the business.”

    A commercial kitchen has to meet demanding standards on fire safety, health and hygiene. The design and functionality of the kitchen directly affects the quality of the food and the efficiency of the service. Just ask “Good Company”.

    “Al Halabi has an unsurpassed reputation in the industry, and we are very satisfied with their work. There are a number of reasons for this, not least that they can supply literally everything, including custom-made kitchen equipment, which is very important for us,” Mr. Kamil says.

    Choosing the right equipment is an important job. There is no point in purchasing expensive high-tech, ‘off-the-shelf’ equipment if it is only going to sit in a corner and gather dust. That’s why Al Halabi meticulously analyse every clients’ requirements and, if the perfect solution isn’t available, they’ll quite literally make it!

    “Al Halabi help us with the design too; they offer the complete service,” Mr. Kamil concludes.

    The design of a commercial kitchen is not only dependant on the requirements of the customer, but also local government regulations, including fire and safety aspects. A lot can go wrong if these facets of the business are not taken seriously enough.

    But as “Good Company” has discovered, by working with Al Halabi you’ll have the advantage of having a team of experts by your side, from beginning to end.

    To get the best restaurant kitchens, please visit Al Halabi on