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  • Comenda ‘Anniversary Celebrations … and Awards!’

    Comenda ‘Anniversary Celebrations … and Awards!’

    We at Al-Halabi are always passionate about our business and love nothing more than celebrating success in the kitchen, and in 2013 we have a particular reason to make merry: Comenda – one of our most valued and important suppliers – celebrates its 50th anniversary!

    Of those 50 years, Comenda has been supplying ware washing solutions to Middle East clients, in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria, U.A.E., Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain, for 35, and its relationship with Al-Halabi stretches back to the 1990s.

    It’s a relationship that Mr. Andrea Genoni, Export Manager of Comenda, says is “very solid and friendly, based on mutual trust, understanding and respect, with Al-Halabi representing an outstanding platform for retail unit sales, allowing us to consolidate our presence and brand recognition in the region. Furthermore, they offer good and reliable sales and after sales support through very well trained staff, plus consistent stock availability for machines and spare parts.”

    Comenda is celebrating in some style too, providing cafes, restaurants, hotels and a whole host of other professional kitchens with a number of advanced solutions, including the AC2 compact single tank rack conveyor dishwasher and its corner version, AC2A, both featuring the innovative ‘tank and wash system’, making extremely low water and energy consumption possible.

    Chefs and kitchen staff will also be delighted with Comenda’s made to measure solution thanks to the innovative corner wash and rinse modules, thus reducing the footprint of the dish wash area and making operations more efficient.

    Then there is the environmentally friendly technology, the Multirinse ‘System’ (for tunnel units), which decreases water consumption due to the inclusion of a drip area between the wash and rinse areas. This system uses just 300 litres of water per hour with an effective consumption of only 100 litres. The addition of an active drip area allows the water to be recycled three times. Due to this distinctive quality, dishes have less detergent on them when they get to the final rinse.

    No surprise, therefore, that thanks to the environmentally friendly impact of the Multirinse system technology, Comenda has been awarded with the prestigious Grand Prix Sirha for Innovation 2013 in the ‘Materials & Concept category.

    Comenda believe that the key for success is innovation through people, which means building close relationships with its partners. At Al-Halabi we couldn’t agree more: happy anniversary Comenda!

    For Comenda Dishwashing Machines Inquiries please follow the link