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  • ‘A Safe, Clean and Profitable Kitchen’

    ‘A Safe, Clean and Profitable Kitchen’

    Because catering is all about providing people with ready-to-eat food, it is subject to significant regulations regarding health and safety, and at Al-Halabi we work hand-in-hand with both our customers and Dubai Municipality Food Control Department to ensure that all of the cafes, restaurants, hotels and other catering outlets we deal with are running clean, well-maintained and profitable businesses.

    When applying for a commercial license for a cafeteria, for instance, a layout should be provided to the Food Control Department, incorporating a detailed plan created by an approved engineering office. This plan must cover all relevant activities, equipment and specifications of building materials.

    The total area of the cafeteria shall not be less than 750ft2, with the kitchen area to be 300ft2 or 40% of the total, whichever is greater. Materials used throughout the premises must be easy to clean, non-absorbent, fire-proof, light in colour, smooth, non-toxic, and with no cracks. In addition, the floor should be properly sloped to facilitate drainage.

    Adequate ventilation and lighting must be provided at all times.

    The preparation and storage area must be fully equipped: for example, stores for dry, chilled and frozen food items must be supplied with stainless steel stands and shelves. In addition, there have to be separate stainless steel wash sinks and tables for the washing and preparation of fruits & vegetables, meat and fish.

    The cooking area shall be provided with a chimney (2m higher than the nearest building, for which approval from the Environmental Department is required), a hot plate for maintaining the temperature of cooked food and, if a tandoor is in the kitchen, 80ft2 of extra space must be added to the total floor area.

    The washing area for utensils should incorporate a stainless steel table, a double-bowl stainless steel sink, a single-bowl stainless steel deep sink to wash large items, and stainless steel shelves or rack to store utensils after every wash.

    A Bain Marie for maintaining the temperature of cooked food, along with a stainless steel hand wash basin, supplied with hot and cold running water, shall be provided in the service area.

    There are a number of general requirements too, including the need for all staff to complete basic food hygiene courses. It can all seem a little daunting at first, but if you visit the Al-Halabi showroom you can see a live model of a full working kitchen in accordance with Dubai Municipality regulations. Call us - we are here to help!

    To download your copy of Dubai Municipality Food & Safety Requirement, please follow the link