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  • ‘How to Create an Award-Winning Kitchen’

    ‘How to Create an Award-Winning Kitchen’

    Creating a new commercial kitchen can be an exhilarating but complex challenge. The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant or cafe and requires industrial grade equipment that will withstand a hectic working schedule. We give you a step by step overview of what to look out for.

    1. Grades of Stainless Steel: Most professional kitchens purchase stainless steel equipment, choosing grades 304 and 316, which are internationally approved. Unfortunately, because they are cheaper, some kitchens are using grades 201 or 202, which have dangerous elements and rust. Don’t be tempted!
    2. Thickness of Stainless Steel: This should be an average of 1.2mm, for instance, when used for the surface of a preparation table or sink. Check the thickness!
    3. Equipment Country of Origin: Always be aware of the country of origin. For example, a fridge claiming to be made in Italy can come from China. Always ask for the certificate of origin!
    4. Compliance with Government Rules for Food Safety: Ensure that equipment complies with government regulations – for instance, Dubai Government forbids using wooden chopping boards in meat preparation areas. A good supplier will know this!
    5. Layout of the Kitchen: The layout of the kitchen has to conform to government standards and requirements – for example, the vegetable preparation area should be entirely separate from the meat and fish. Be informed and avoid the fine!
    6. Kitchen Equipment Usage: Be aware that for every type of food or drink there are several equipment options: for example, the chocolate display chiller has different manufacturing elements than a normal cake display chiller. Make sure you’re supplier is knowledgeable!
    7. Warranty and After Sales: This is what makes your purchase a long-term investment. Ensure that your supplier has a strong maintenance team and a large stock of spare parts. Make sure they can response quickly to emergencies!
    8. Visit the Manufacturer: Visit the factory and find out exactly how your kitchen equipment is being manufactured. Al Halabi uses Danfoss condensing units, and by visiting the factory investors will quickly understand why. Find out how quality-led your supplier is!
    9. Receive Proper Training: Select a supplier who will train your head chef and kitchen staff in the correct use of all new equipment. Remember, the kitchen is the heart of your restaurant or cafe, where your menu comes to life. Ensure it operates to its full potential!

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