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  • ‘Keep Your Cool With Al-Halabi’

    ‘Keep Your Cool With Al-Halabi’

    Al-Halabi Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment is one of the most respected brand names in the catering industry, with an enviable reputation for manufacturing high-quality, affordable commercial catering equipment, including an extensive range of both display and storage refrigeration units.

    We understand why caterers value easily-operated equipment that is well made, reliable and has a long working life. All of these qualities are fundamental aspects of the Al-Halabi portfolio, which includes cake, chocolate, fish, meat and cafeteria displays, salad bars, chillers, freezers, blast freezers and cold rooms.

    Priding ourselves on bespoke manufactured products, as well as a vast range of standard equipment, we only utilise the very finest materials, such as Stainless Steel Grade 304 No.4 Finish (inside and out), Aluminium Profiling, Tempered Glass (curved or straight), Foaming (polyol + isocianato), and Lights (LED or Tube).

    What’s more, all of the different elements within the units are the best available anywhere in the world: compressors and condensing units are made by Danfoss in Germany and Unite Hermetique in France; evaporators come from Alfa Lalval in Italy; copper coils by Muller in Germany; refrigeration solenoid valves by Danfoss; thermostats by Italian company Elewell; and brass is manufactured in the USA.

    Our manufacturing processes are equally as stringent, as you would expect from a company that was one of the first in its sector to be awarded ISO 9001 accreditation, from special systems that calculate the requirements of the individual unit (capacity of compressor needed etc.) through to CNC cutting & bending, assembly, testing and quality control. When everything is as good as it can possibly be, we endow the product with the esteemed Al-Halabi Quality Sticker and deliver it to the customer.

    At Al-Halabi, we understand our customers’ businesses; that’s why we manufacture our chillers and freezers (upright and worktop) specifically for either meat, vegetable or fish, not for both. We don’t compromise on either quality or service and handle contracts of all sizes, from small cafes through to large hotels and conferencing facilities across the Middle East

    It’s important to note that our after sales commitment to quality is rigorous too: our factory trained registered engineers are always on-hand to provide installation, preventative maintenance and repair facilities for all of your catering equipment, either on a contract or one-off basis.

    With Al-Halabi, you can achieve the dry, constant cold of the mountain top … in the desert!

    Please follow the link to view all the Refrigeration units that we offer