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  • Stay Informed, Stay in Business’ “Dubai Food Code

    ‘Stay Informed, Stay in Business’ “Dubai Food Code”

    Al-Halabi works hand-in-hand with Dubai Municipality in helping food businesses address critical safety areas when considering food preparation and storage. The information and guidance given proves invaluable to catering operations throughout the emirate when considering hazard analysis for operations and formulating required improvements.

    Food safety is a collective responsibility of both government and industry, with all food operators being responsible under UAE law for the safety of the food they produce and serve. This was recently underlined at Gulfood, when a new Food Code was introduced by the Dubai Government that provides the local food industry with guidance on how to design, develop and implement effective preventive food safety control systems.

    This is being backed up and enforced by inspectors from Dubai Municipality who visit kitchens on a regular basis, depending on the degree of perceived risk. A schedule is put together for each individual catering outlet, with a clean, well-run and trusted kitchen (Grade A) being inspected less often than one with a record of misdemeanors (Grade C). All need a stamp of approval from Dubai Municipality for the kitchen layout.

    So what happens if a kitchen falls foul of the new Food Code? Dubai Municipality will work with it to correct the problems, and only in the event of non-action will it close the facility down. Personal hygiene and basic food hygiene, taking in everything from wash areas and dress codes through to the storage of chilled and frozen foods, must be adhered to.

    The good news for Al-Halabi customers is that it has a full and complete understanding of the new Food Code, and its expertise helps to provide a systematic way of identifying food safety hazards and making sure that they are being controlled day-in, day-out.

    Meticulous implementation of the code by restaurants, cafes, hotels and other catering outlets demonstrates their dedication to food safety, improves employee awareness of their role in protecting customers, and emphasises management's responsibility for the safe preparation of all ingredients.

    So stay informed: read all of your mail and emails, visit the events and exhibitions designed to promote food safety. Dubai Municipality is there to help not hinder a business. And Al-Halabi has the skills and expertise to ensure that that help is not required too often!

    To download the Food Code, please follow the link