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  • ‘Sagi – the Aristocrat of the Kitchen’

    ‘Sagi – the Aristocrat of the Kitchen’

    You may think that customer service is simply a device for brand positioning, but at Al-Halabi it's much, much more. For, as the leading kitchen specialist throughout the MENA region, we believe that exceptional customer experiences power growth, drive loyalty and inspire people to become vociferous followers of our company and brands. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what Giorgio Pignataro, resident manager of leading Italian kitchen equipment manufacturer Sagi in Dubai, has to say.

    Thanks to the great team and fantastic people we found at Al-Halabi, we have built a wonderful business relationship. The two companies have the opportunity to share strategies, implement ideas and face business challenges together on an almost daily basis. Such dialogue leads to a full understanding of the market by both companies and, ultimately, to a world-class service for end users.

    Both Sagi and Al-Halabi have a strong reputation and a tangible brand recognition in the Gulf and wider Middle East, with Sagi having been active in the region since 1992; today having a strong presence in the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt.

    Giorgio Pignataro explains: Al-Halabi is a demanding partner with a deep understanding of market needs and zero tolerance for quality issues. The very highest quality has always been top of Sagi’s strategy and, as the Middle East is an important market for the company, we are very keen to work hand-in-hand with Al-Halabi to ensure that our products are always the best choice for end users in the market.

    Always committed to offering its customers the very latest products and technology, Al-Halabi has been delighted to discover that Sagi will present ‘Syrio’ at Gulfood 2013, the revolutionary and only cylindrical cabinet for pastry and ice cream in the world, and ‘Ultra’, a new and innovative line of blast chillers / shock freezers. Syrio gives 360o visibility to pastry, cakes and ice creams, enhancing their appearance, whilst Ultra, designed by famous car designer Zagato, can satisfy the needs of the most demanding chefs.

    In fact, the Al-Halabi / Sagi partnership can provide you with a wide range of solutions, from refrigerators, blast chillers and blast freezers through to ice makers, self service units and pizza-sandwich counters. Fantastico!